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In the fastgrowing industry of telecommunications, teleconferencing has become a staple of the way we do business as well as a way we keep in touch with those who matter to us the most. Its no surprise therefore that with the advent of the Internet and with the increasing availability of digital devices, telecommunications and teleconferencing, specifically, has exploded the number of to keep touch, as well as to build rich communications and relationship with people regardless of where they are physically situated.
Just thinking about the technologies tying teleconferencing and telecommunications will boggle even the greatest of minds. What makes these interconnected technologies possible is a complex web of systems consisting of all sorts of technologies, processes, bureaucracies of people and exchanges etc. etc. There are just so many different inputs into this vast web of technology that makes our lives so much more easier. And yet its something that we take for granted every single day.
Teleconferencing has come a long way from simply being a specialized phone feature where you would dial into your host parties extension. On the contrary, it is actually become a much more mature medium for communication supporting all sorts of data feeds, such as audio, video, and traditional telephone, telegraph radio and television and teletype related services.
As you can probably tell by now teleconferencing is a very complicated (behind the scenes) yet very userfriendly innovation. There is so much to be gained from using this for your business or for your home. ets say youre on vacation and you want to keep in touch your family from longdistance or if you need to visit your client from a remote site teleconferencing certainly can bring you closer to the action, as it were.
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