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Watch Your Business From Anywhere in the World

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When most people think of video surveillance, they think of cameras in stores.
But many businesses are using them to keep track of meetings and ensure clients and business associates stand behind their word. Cameras can also provide proof of wrongdoing, connecting the dots when people are where they shouldnt be.
At anytime and in any place you cant watch, a camera can. Many surveillance systems offer remote accessibility. This option allows people to see what is going on from their PC or laptop, whether they are across town or in a hotel room across an ocean.
CCS International (OTC BB: SITG) is one of the most wellknown makers of surveillance equipment. Its video surveillance systems can monitor, record and broadcast reallife conditions to ensure peace of mind.
CCS video systems can be either covert or overt. Covert video does not allow subjects to know they are under surveillance, while overt video does.
Video images are an invaluable tool for companies, whether they are used to help protect against theft and sabotage, or merely to keep an eye on warehouse operations.
The Spy ine4 from CCS International, for instance, can be set up in a variety of settings stores, factories, warehouses, board rooms or even in a home office and can be accessed and controlled from a remote personal computer.
This video security system is available in color and with audio and can transmit highquality compressed video images from four cameras.


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