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UIF File

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A UIF file stands for Universal Image Format. It is a powerful compression format for image files and is used for backing up your CDs/DVDs. First, we may define an image file as equivalent to a CD/DVD or an exact replica of a CD/DVD. The UIF file format contains several enhanced features not usually found in ISO. Several of these key features involve data compression, encryption, password protection and backup. You can find a variety of software that supports this kind of file extension. Some will be under proprietary licenses, but there is also a lot of free software that deals with this file format.
How do I mount UIF files?
It is very easy to mount UIF files. Simply mount them in a virtual CD drive and then you can do virtually anything as if it was a real CD/DVD. Follow these general steps in mounting your UIF files: Select the virtual drive or drag and drop the file into your virtual drives tray. Choose mount or load; at times it will autoload. Select the desired file or operations. How do I convert a UIF file to ISO?
At times, you may find it convenient to convert a UIF file to the more popular ISO format. There are several software programs available that designed for converting UIF files into ISO format. All you have to do is load your UIF file into it, choose standard ISO format, and away you go. Afterwards, you can mount it using any kind of CD/DVD emulator.


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