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Welcome to! Offers the Palm Treo 700w Smartphonethe First Verizon Windows Mobile Device Built Into the Power of a Palm

Author: admin adds the Palm Treo 700w Smartphonethe first Palm phone device available on Windows Mobile platformto its already vast selection of Treo devices. The Treo 700w is a fullfeatured phone with easytonavigate features and highspeed CDMA networking capabilities that successfully combines phone, email, organizer, messaging, Web browser and camera in one small device.
With the Treo 700w, users get the power of a Windows Mobile environment with the speed of highspeed, broadband internet access and the onehanded navigation of a Treo Smartphone, says Jennifer Bean, IS Director of eCommerce at
Treo 700w Accessories, such as a 512 MB or 1 GB expansion card, Bluetooth headsets, optional screenguards and versatile cases make the 700w"s functionality truly exceptional. Plus the device"s integrated QWERTY keyboard with 5way navigatorWindows Mobile 5 action keysin the center of the phone allows users to access everything with one hand. Scroll messages, scan Web pages, read documents and find phone numbers easily. Central to the device"s functionality is an enhanced Today Screen system, a Windows Mobilebased experience that gives users access to their phone numbers, calendar appointments, unread emails, Web searches and more without the need to go through a menu screen.
We are pleased to offer this userfriendly, highfunctioning device and huge selection of quality Treo accessories to our customers, Bean says. This ultraportable device allows users to stay in touch with home and office while on the go without the need of a laptop.For quick information access and versatile usability, The Treo 700w Smartphone is Palm"s first to integrate EvDO, the latest generation of highspeed CDMA networks, which supports download speeds of 400600 Kbps. The device has 128 MB of memory, 60MB user storage and a 1.3 megapixel camera with 2x zoom.


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