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Tips To Social Bookmarking Success

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Websavvy analysts and SEO"s can"t say enough about just how social bookmarking sites like Newsvine, BEENclicked, Reddit , or StumbleUpon etc are very important when trying to increase traffic to a new blog or website. Often times however, many great articles go unnoticed on social bookmarking forums and sites since their front pages or headlines are not catchy enough.
Creating a good impression on web users has got to start foremost with the way your headline sounds. A site"s headline is the first, and most often the main thing users will see from your article, so if you dont make the effort to provide a catchy headline, your chances of getting to the main page are nil.
Create AttentionGrabbing HeadlinesCrafting the headline is crucial in drawing web traffic. However, if you want to keep that attention always, create a meaningful description. The description must be slightly stimulating since this draws more attention but still, never use lies and false facts to provoke interest. For instance, if your write This article will reveal to you the 10 sure ways to deal with stress once and forever and live a relaxing life from now on., visitors will hardly think that your story is true and factsbased.
A simple example of this would be:Original headline : The Two Types of CognitionImproved Headline : earn to Understand Your Own IntelligenceCraft Interesting First ParagraphsYou could also might be lured to using long tellitall paragraphs to describe your masterpiece; however bear in mind that many users will not bother reading anything over 100150 characters.
Maintain Good ContentHowever, the first paragraph is not key to everything. Going further along the chain of attracting, as well as retaining the users attention, is key to toplevel content. If your articles are just trash or plain bland, then bookmarking them would be useless. You might get away with it and cheat users once, but dont count on them coming back for repetitive visits. To make things worse, you can get your site banned from social bookmarking sites, when you persistently post useless trash.
Make Full Use of RSS Feeds And NewslettersSS feeds, newsletter subscriptions, affiliate marketing are all forums wherein the traffic from social bookmarking sites could be of great help. A lot of people who come to your site and like it, will subscribe to RSS feeds and/or your newsletter.
Don"t Rehash Old NewsSubmitting old news will not help you in becoming a respected user. Yesterdays news is history. However, if you still need to resubmit old stuff, consider placing feature articles, howtos and similar pieces that would remain uptodate for quite some time.
Despite the differences in the likes of the different social bookmarking forums and communities, there are striking similarities. You will soon discover that if a post is wellliked inn one of the major sites, this generally drives it up on the other major and smaller sites. An example would be that usually it is posts on site like Digg that become popular on StumbleUpon or Reddit; however there are many other examples. To use this fact to your best advantage, you may want to concentrate your efforts on getting to the front page of the major players only, and take chances on the snowball effect to drive you to the top on other sites.


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