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The Down And Dirty On Prepaid Phone Cards

Author: admin

In these days of information overload I prefer to keep it quick and brief in taking a simplistic look at what you need to know when purchasing a prepaid phone card. The three basic factors to consider when purchasing a prepaid phone card are;

1. The total cost of using the card

2. Features offered by the card

3. Reputation for the company selling the card

1. et"s break these three factors down quickly. The total cost of using the card includes the rate per minute for domestic or international calling, and any additional fees or surcharges for using the card. Generally speaking a lower rate per minute typically increases the chances of a hidden surcharge. If the rate per minute seems too good to be true it probably is. However, rates per minute for making International calls can be substantially lower when using a prepaid phone card. Calling card marketing plans are very focused, so shop around and find the best rate plan for your calling needs. ook for hidden surcharges like connection fees, 3 minute rounding, and monthly maintenance fees that all add to the total cost of using the card.

2. Some calling cards today offer great features that make them very convenient to use. They include Pinless dialing, auto recharge, and speed dial to name a few. Pinless dialing allows you to register your PIN, when you call back for future calls the system recognizes your phone number or ANI in the phone world, which allows you to make calls without entering your PIN number. Auto recharge allows you to set up a pre determined recharge on your card. I.E. at 2.00 recharge my card back to $20.00 this way a call is never interrupted at an inconvenient time. Speed dial allows you to register frequently called numbers for quick convenient dialing.

3. There are many options today in buying prepaid calling cards. With choice comes risk. Although I am somewhat biased as a Product Manager for a major Telecommunications company I think the reputation of the company you buy from is important. Many companies come and go in this business. Shop the major Telecoms as your basis for determining what is a good deal. Then ask yourself is it worth the risk for this rate? Will this company be in business next week? We see many companies offering cards below our cost, and we sell them the time on our lines for the long distance?? Generally speaking the major retailers that sell cards use the major Telecommunications companies as the backbone for the long distance time on the card. Shop around and find the best plan for you and don"t forget the reputation for the company. MCI offers great low rates on phone cards without hidden fees. We offer features that make our cards easy to use. ook for our cards at major retailers near you.


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