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Test Your Communication Style

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Communication is one of the most important qualities for success. To communicate is not simple. We think that to speak and to hear is communication. But it is much more than that. When you listen to somebody, ask yourself these questions are you totally attentive to him/her? Are you attentive to the tone of voice? Are you keeping eye contact? Do you observe the body language? Are you giving responses in between so that the speaker knows that you rare listening? Are you getting the hidden meaning behind the communication? In brief, are you getting precisely what the other person is saying?
What about your speech? What kind of tone do you adopt? What is the speed of your speech? Are you using the correct words? How are you coordinating your body language with your words? Are you getting the attention of your listener? Are you able to convey what you want to? Are you sure that the listener is getting your message?
Many of us are poor communicators. We don"t know how to talk and listen effectively. We fail to draw the listener"s attention towards our self. We fail to listen fully. There lies our failure in many business and personal situations.
Please test your communication style. Talk to few of your friends and ask them questions about your style. Note what they say very carefully and bring changes. Talk to them again after few days and reassess yourself. Keep improving. Notice the best speakers on television. Watch their body movements and tonality of voice. Observe them carefully. Good communication will bring unbelievable success to you.


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