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Phone Cards Be Certain What You"re Buying

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Phone cards are an excellent way to stay in touch with family and friends without ending up with an astronomical phone bill at the end of the month. But before you choose the phone card that seems to be the cheapest available, be sure you know all the details of how that particular phone card works. Some phone card companies have a service charge for each call you make using the card. That means that you"ll lose several minutes each time you use the card typically anywhere from four minutes to eight or even ten. If you have a phone card company touting their threecent a minute rates, be sure of their service charges. If you"re also losing an additional ten minutes for every connection you make, the rates go up considerably.
One gimmick used by phone card companies is that they give you a price per unit instead of per minute. The significance is that there are different costs for different phone calls. You may pay only a penny or two per unit, but you may find that you"re being charged several units per minute. For example, if you pay two cents per unit and you"re phone call costs ten units per minute, you"re paying twenty cents a minute significantly higher than the many reputable phone cards. Per unit cards may very well be a good deal, but find out how many units you can expect to pay for phone calls before you shell out the money for one of these cards. Rechargeable phone cards are sometimes an excellent deal because the additional minutes you purchase are often cheaper than the original cost of the card. If you think about it, it"s fairly easy to see why. Instead of buying another pieces of plastic, you"re simply buying the service less cost to the company. Buying larger amounts is also typically a good way to get the best deal on a phone card. Companies typically offer a better price per minute if you purchase a card with two or more hours of calling time than for a card with only a half hour. Again, it"s a simple matter of marketing and you can see that the cost of producing the plastic card is a factor in that cost. There"s no doubt that phone cards are a good way to stay in touch, especially in some situations. Taking time to choose a reliable company for your phone card purchase is an important step in being sure you make the best selection for your phone card company provider.


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