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Modu The Worlds ightest and Smallest Mobile Phone

Author: admin

The self titled modular cellphone from the company Modu is set to make some serious splashes in the mobile phone industry. This device it touted to be the worlds first modular mobile phone that can be easily customized to fit the consumers specific needs. All you need to do is either pop your Modu into a modu jacket or pair it with a modu mate, and youve got yourself a whole new device. If they hype around the concept wasnt enough, just this week the Guinness Book of World Records confirmed that the Modu is in fact the worlds lightest and smallest mobile phone to date. So at its core, youre essentially stuck with the most basic cell phone youve ever seen. But attach a modu mate, and youve got a whole different device. Some of the modu mates that have been confirmed so far include MP4 players, digital photo frames, cameras, and DECT phones. The options are essentially limitless and it doesnt seem like Modu is looking to close the door on any new partnerships that could lead to future modu mates. And if style is more of your thing, companies like Universal Music Group are lining up to design modu jackets, which transform your core Modu phone into a variety of different looks and feels. Where conventional phone covers and plates had their limitations, the simplicity and design of the Modu is making it easy for each modu jacket to give the appearance that its actually a completely unique and different phone. But the problem lies within its core design. The Modu may be the worlds smallest and lightest mobile phone, but without anything on it, youd probably have passed by it if the creepy mall kiosk guys where giving it away for free. Also, the modular concept is great and all, but if the prices arent nice and low the entire sales structure of the phone isnt exactly going to hold its own. All of the modu mates that have been confirmed so far where pretty much taken care of by phones like the one my dad still uses. But whats that you say? My phone cant be turned into a digital picture frame? Its called setting your phone to not shut the screen off and leaving your pictures on slideshow! Besides that gadget, the rest seem fairly neat so Ill lay off of them, and I do have to admit, the modu jacket design is actually really cool, but this may end up being a gimmick that just doesnt make sense when you could purchase any of the HTC or Nokia Smartphones and have a small device that does everything the Modu does and then some. Modu is starting their world conquest campaign in Europe first, but its expected to make its way over to the states towards the end of this year or early next year. Expect a review of the device if I can manage to get my hands on one.


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