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Making ow Cost Calls

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Have you ever thought about switching your calls through to another provider?
BTs claims that 100,000 people a month are switching their landlines back to BT but it seems that twice as many switch from BT to an alternative call provider for their home phone.
How can you chose the best provider and how can you switch from the old one to your new choice, are questions with no easy answers.
There are a few sites that can help you compare prices but even they dont compare all the tariffs on the market. There are many companies that have offers on the market. Some of them are even offering wholesale line rental (WR), which gives the possibility to switch the line rental from BT to an alternative company. There is a fixed linerental charge to be paid by the telecoms companies to BT but the cost saving from switching is slight and the providers who have signed up to offer WR are still few.
It may be worth looking at switching call provider and using a prefix dial for certain types of call such as to mobiles at the weekend and international calls. You can use prefix numbers with any phone network. Details of these plans are included in the price comparison websites. Some services do not require a sign up or registration, users of the service simply need to dial a prefix number and then the international number. They will then be charged at the cost of dialing a national number.


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