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Make Moving Announcements A Priority For Your Next Move

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Moving announcements are a great way to let those around you know you"ve relocated. As we all know, moving can be quite the chore and is often a stressful ordeal. One way to help organize the process is to make a checklist for those you would want to announce your move to. The list should include:
* Your local Post Office
* Magazines Companies
* Your ocal Newspaper Delivery Service
* Home Security Companies
* Any Member Associations
* Your Workplace
* Your Child"s School
* Your Bank
* Applicable Utility CompaniesThere are several options you can choose from to announce your move. One way to let your friends and family know you have moved is to pick up a Change of Address packet at the local USPS. All you have to do is ask the clerk at the counter for the information packet or just look around on the counters at the Post Office because often times, the kits are displayed there for public convenience. You can also visit the United States Post Office online at The USPS website is very user friendly. Simply click on the Change of Address option in the Receiving Your Mail" category and fill out the electronic form. You can let the Post Office know the date of your move and even set up a period of time for your mail to be forwarded after you"ve relocated. It"s an easy, convenient way to assist in the process of sending announcements about your move less stressful.
Another way to go is with personalized, printed announcements. So many of us are now creating our own greeting cards at home with our computers and printers. Many digital cameras come equipped with software programs to do just that so why not design a moving announcement for your friends and family? Purchase some nicely colored card stock or use your existing copy paper to create a fun and personalized message to announce your move. You can add a digital photo of your new home to the front of the announcement or create your own idea. It"s a fun way to let everyone know that you"re relocating and you can even get the kids involved on this project!
If you don"t have the time or energy to make your own moving announcements, you can always opt for an online or local printing service in your area. One economical online resource for this type of service is You simply choose your design preference, fill out the appropriate information on the website and the announcements will be delivered right to your door. Just make sure you allow enough time for delivery if you decide to go this route.


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