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Fax online enables a person to receive and send faxes with the help of email, the handheld device or the web. into your personal fax machine, you will minimise communication expenses and protect your information.
Through online fax service you can enjoy the following benefits:Mobility: Receive and send faxes at any place where you work on your existing email account: from your office, home, clients office, or airport or hotel.
Economical: no need for fax charges for far away places , fax machine, , and moreover, no alternate phone connection required!
Technical: Having a fax number on the internet that is toll free (US and Canada), you can provide much useful service to your customers they fax you free of cost, and it adds nothing to your pocket. Helps to give your business a professional competence.
Privacy: Faxes are received in and sent from your personal inbox of your mail account they dont have to sit passively on the fax machine paper trash for others to see.
Convenience: Fax is "always switched on" and removes the loss of not received faxes when the line is busy or when you are far from the fax machineDigital: Faxes are available to all at all times since theyre on your system and safe.
Economically, efficiently and easily manage, send and receive faxes right from your desktop or laptop computer. It eliminates many faxrelated costly expenditures like fax machines, extra phone lines, supplies and repairs. You can feel the benefits of internet fax for yourself. By transforming your emailOnline faxing is perfect for Real Estate Agents, Mobile Workers, Small Businesses, Home Offices ,Job Hunters, Consultants, Community Groups, Mortgage Brokers.
Email Fax ServicesFeaturesEmail Based Receive your faxes by email over the Internet. All fax communications are easily backed up and stored for future use.
Cost EffectiveA fax by email solution will save your business money.
Convenient No additional hardware or software requiredMany ways are available to the user for faxes that are outgoing: The user can send an email message to a particular email address; all the messages are converted by a fax server examining that address into fax format and transfers them.
The user command his computer to print a document by using a "fictitious printer" that sends the data to the fax server, which then transmits it, instead of producing a paper printout,Various user interfaces are available for incoming faxes:The user may be sent for each fax received an email message , with the pages clubbed as attachments, normally in either PDF or TIFF format.
Faxes that are incoming can also be saved in a file directory that the user can check.


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