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Define ODBC

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ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity) is a function library which provides a common API (Application Programming Interface) for ODBC compliant database management systems.
ODBC was developed by the SQ Access Group in 1992.
ODBC operates as an industrystandard "shim" between applications which utilize databases and the databases themselves.
If an application is developed using ODBC, the application will be able to store data in any database management system which is equipped with an ODBC driver.
ODBC drivers are often developed in subcomponents: An ODBC Driver Manager ODBC Drivers The application submits ODBC calls to the ODBC driver manager.
The ODBC driver manager selects the appropriate ODBC driver, loads that driver, and sends read or write requests using that driver.
The ODBC driver processes the ODBC function calls, submits the SQ requests to the database, and returns the results to the application.


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