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Cell Phone Calling Card Recharging Talking Power

Author: admin

So I don"t know if I was the only person who didn"t know this, but it is more expensive to call a cell phone internationally than it is to call a landline. This applies even if you are calling from a landline and not from a cell phone. I found this out from a friend of mine, and suddenly felt very bad about the fact hat I only had a cell phone number in Venezuela for my friends and family to call. Now of course it is more expensive to call internationally from a cell phone but I expected that, however I did not realize it was more expensive to call to a cell phone.
Well the not having a landline thing I can"t do much about, but the price of calling me I can assist with. There are apparently now calling cards that are made specifically for cell phones. My mom sometimes needs to call me during the day when she is not home. This of course results in a long string of text messages as it is exorbitantly expensive to call internationally from your cell phone. However I have found cell phone calling cards. These are of course more expensive than landline calling cards but still cheaper than calling from a cell phone.
I of course found this information on the internet, like I find all the information I want. This service is just like a calling card in the fact that it is prepaid. However it adds on to your normal cell phone service in that you do not have to actually have the card on hand each time you want to make a call, You simply have to call the access number and it recognizes your cell phone calling card. From there you can call anywhere in the world at up to a 75% savings form your normal fee. Oh the wonders of the things you can find on the internet.


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