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Callcentric rate plans technology made affordable

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Callcentric internet phone service is perhaps the only company that allows you to make calls all over the world at a rate which would be considered cheap by any standards. To keep in touch with our near and dear ones, we usually spend a lot of money through international phone calls and other communications services. But thanks to Callcentric, international calling has been made surprisingly easy and affordable. It offers a bundle of plans which includes free phone calls, free PC calls, unlimited phone calls for a nominal charge, other related services, and many, many more.
Callcentric has four types of outgoing plans Callcentric IP Freedom, Callcentric Pay Per Call, Callcentric North America Unlimited, and Callcentric World Select. All these plans are unique in nature and offer a lot of value added services which make them the best in their genre. If free PC to phone international call and low rate PC to phone call are what you are looking for, then you have come to the right place. Callcentric IP Freedom Plan is free for life. Yes; it"s as simple as that. You can make free calls to other Callcentric members forever. There are absolutely no hidden charges, no credit card required, no wire transfer required, and no other strings attached whatsoever. As a Callcentric member, you can make free calls to other Callcentric members, wherever in the world they are. All you have to do is to purchase a telephone adapter or to download software to your computer and connect to the internet.
Callcentric Pay per Call is meant for people who make lots of calls in a day and don"t make even a single call the next day. If you are not sure of the frequency of calls, you can go for this plan which offers incredibly low rates for PC to phone calls at per call basis without any monthly charge. You can add your credit card and deposit a small amount the amount could be as small as $5 and start using this plan. You can call any number across the globe at incredibly low rates and without any monthly charge whatsoever. And moreover, you can still use the facility of PC calling and call any Callcentric members all over the world for free. There is absolutely no charge for that.
Callcentric North America Unlimited is meant for people who make a lot of calls to the USA and Canada regularly. You can talk any number of times in a month and still pay only $19.95. It is that cheap. For a rate as low as $19.95 per month, North America Unlimited allows you to make any number of calls to the USA and Canada without any hidden charges. And more, you can still make unlimited free calls to other Callcentric members all over the world. You can get all this and more for just $19.95 per month.
People looking for low rate PC phone calls need not look any further. With Callcentric World Select plan, you can call almost anyone from many countries any number of times at a low rate of $29.95 per month. With over 35 countries covered in the wide network of Callcentric, you can reach almost anyone across the globe. Do you remember the times you used to burn your pocket every month for those big international calls you made? Well, it"s history now.


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