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Factors of the communication

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Factors of the communication are, in the information theory of the engineer and mathematician Claude And Shannon and the sociologist Warren Weaver, (mathematical The Theory of Communication, Urban: The University of Illinois Press, 1949) the six elements that take part in the transmission of a message or information. They are: source, transmitter, signal, noises, receiver and adressee. This scheme soon was extended with more elements: emitter, code, message, channel, redundancy, emitted signal, received signal, situation and context. Shannon was in charge of the cuatificables aspects of the process, whereas Warren Weaver expanded east scheme when indicating that the communication problems could be analyzed in three levels: technician, semantic (referred to the meaning and interpretation of the message) and pragmatic (on the consequences of the communication in the behavior of the people

Fast Fax A ong History And A Modern Truth

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earn the fascinating history behind the fax machine and discover why it is still a relevant technology in todays modern world.


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Fax online lets you receive and send faxes with the help of email, the handheld device or the web. Economically, efficiently and easily manage, send and receive faxes right from your desktop or laptop computer. It eliminates many faxrelated costly expenditures like fax machines, extra phone lines, supplies and repairs.


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Fax online server is basically a group of softwares that run on a host computer that is attached with one or more modems that are fax capable.These modems are attached to telephone lines . Its main purpose is to receive data from users, convert them into faxes, and transfer them, and also to receive calls through fax and either transfer them on to users or store the relevant incoming documents . The computer that hosts the fax server may be busy in large organizations but in that case the system itself is also called as a fax server

Fiber Optics In The Real World

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Optic fibers are used widely in the medical field for diagnosing and treating a variety of ailments. Because optic fibers can be made extremely thin and made into flexible strands, they can be used for insertion into blood vessels, lungs and other parts of the body. Optic fibers have been enabling physicians to look and work inside the body through tiny incisions with an instrument called an Endoscope. An Endoscope is a medical instrument made to carry two bundles of optic fi...

Filtering Out the ies

Author: admin

The internet is filled with lies and truth, rumors and facts. Here are a few tips to differentiate between them.

Finding The Phone Service Thats Right For You

Author: admin

Increasingly, when it comes to selecting a telephone service, consumers are making the call.

Finding Your MAC Address On Wired And Wireless Network Cards

Author: admin

An article about how to find wired and wireless network card MAC addresses. It also goes into details about the output of the "ipconfig /all" command and "arp" command

Five Ways Web Conferencing Can Help You Sell More Products

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When it comes to business, any new technology will ultimately be judged on how well it contributes to improving productivity and profit. If you are selling goods or services, online web conferencing can improve your bottom line by boosting sales and lowering costs. Here are five reasons why this is so:

1. It allows you to meet with more prospective clientsIf you have to physically travel to a client"s office or location, there is only so much that you can do within any...

Free and Easy Basic French

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I have put together a collection of words and phrases that will help you learn basic French words. Once you have committed these simple phrases to memory youll be able to have you very first French conversation!

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