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What are Emoticons

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Emoticons are popular selections of graphic media that is currently used in chat software. These graphics are commonly used by people in order to relay the feelings they have at that given moment. A good example of these graphics would be the socalled Smileys, wherein it is placed within the text as an indication the user is happy. Hence, other groups of characters are also available in order to form a specific image.

What are Police Scanner Codes

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A police scanner is basically just another type of a radio scanner. These special scanners can give and receive wireless radio signal transmissions and is becoming more and more of a household item. Police scanners are mainly used for both safety and business purposes. Unlike a FM or an AM radio signal which can only pick up their respective signals, the scanner will pick up a wide variety of signals and a number of them simultaneously too, allowing an easy check up on the various channels. Therefore, the term police scanners is simply a scanner that is tuned into the radio broadcasts done by the region"s police department.

What Are Prepaid Calling Cards?

Author: admin

What are prepaid calling cards? Prepaid calling cards are telephone minutes which are purchased in advance.

What are Proxy sites

Author: admin

Proxy sites enable the individual to access websites and servers through another server to keep the location and identity of the individual unknown. This helps to limit the amount of spam, cookies, and other information from being gleaned or placed on the computer. This in turn helps to keep the computer running fast and efficiently.

What are QVGA Specifications?

Author: admin

QVGA, also known as Quarter VGA is a screen size and resolution measurement. This measurement and resolution is most commonly used for PDA"s, cell phones, and hand held games. These screens tend to be portrait in orientation rather than the landscape orientation that people are used to on televisions or computer screens.

What do you know about First Apple Cingular iPhone?

Author: admin

Amazing Apple iPhone Description

What is

Author: admin is the default IP (internet protocol) address for many home broadband routers.

What is Active Directory?

Author: admin

Since the creation of Active Directory, the service has proven to be widely successful and has helped to further spur development into ways to make the most of distributed networking environments.

What is Active X?

Author: admin

Active X is a software technology that was released by Microsoft; basically this technology allows content or programmed capabilities to be sent from the web to a Microsoft Windows computer.

What Is An Intranet? Definition and Uses...

Author: admin

An intranet is basically a private web based network. It uses all of the technology of the internet but is safe and protected behind a firewall that keeps unauthorized personnel out. There are a variety of ways to implement an intranet that address the required speed of implementation and a

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