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Tired Of High Fees For ong Distance Calls?

Author: admin

The dreaded long distance calls fee regularly haunts individuals of all ages. From chatty Cathys to gabby Garys, everyone seems to have a problem when sky high long distance bills. If you are tired of paying an astronomical phone bill, look into alternatives that will allow you to bring down your monthly balance without having to end conversations with friends and family members across the country. Before you hang up the phone for good, know there are a variety of options...

Toll Free Conference Calls

Author: admin

Conference calls are a convenient method of communicating with a lot of people all at once. Technologies today allow many different types of conference calling.
For a small business, simple 3way calling may suffice. This feature is available through your telephone company and whatever longdistance rates you have on the phone that originates the call will apply.
When several people located in many different places need to access conference calls, a conference call comp... Offers the Palm Treo 700w Smartphonethe First Verizon Windows Mobile Device Built Into the Power of a Palm

Author: admin adds the Palm Treo 700w Smartphonethe first Palm phone device available on Windows Mobile platformto its already vast selection of Treo devices. The Treo 700w is a fullfeatured phone with easytonavigate features and highspeed CDMA networking capabilities that successfully combines phone, email, organizer, messaging, Web browser and camera in one small device.

Two Way Radios : A Beginners Guide

Author: admin

A twoway radio is a device which transmits and receives voice signals through the air. They work somewhat like a telephone, but since they do not require a central network they can be used anywhere! With two way radios, two or more people can have a discussion no matter where they are sometimes while they are miles apart! Another common name for a twoway radio is a walkie talkie.
The most common type of twoway radio for regular consumers is the FRS/GMRS twoway rad...

UIF File

Author: admin

A UIF file stands for Universal Image Format. It is a powerful compression format for image files and is used for backing up your CDs/DVDs. First, we may define an image file as equivalent to a CD/DVD or an exact replica of a CD/DVD. The UIF file format contains several enhanced features not usually found in ISO.


Author: admin

UMTS (Universal Mobile Telephone Service) is a third generation (3G) cellular technology, which provides data speeds up to 2 Mbps making portable videophones a reality. UMTS was developed and standardized by ETSI (European Telecommunications Standard Institute) within the ITUs IMT200 framework. The technology is optimized to allow state of the art, very highspeed multimedia services such videoconferencing, full motion video, and Internet access.

USB Headsets, the Cadillac of Headsets

Author: admin

Wireless headset technology has provided us with comfort an convenience unthought of twenty years ago. Who could have predicted how utterly immersed technology would be in every facet of our lives? Our professional and personal lives are made easier by the newest technologies that come out every year.

Uses for Phone Cards Employers Parents Anyone

Author: admin

Many people find that having and using phone cards for long distance calling simply makes sense

Valuing Network Certifications Is The Time, Money And Effort Worth The Bother?

Author: admin

There are many ways to get any of the large number of network certifications now available. Theres not only software certification like those offered from Oracle, Java, Microsoft, etc. but theres also direct network hardware certifications from strong companies like Cisco and then theres the server administration, hardware repair, security and several sub category type certifications. All are available but the question is if these have any real value in the marketplace.

Video conferencing guide earn about Video Conferencing

Author: admin

Video conferencing allows people at two or more locations to interact through twoway transmission at the same time. Video conferencing is also known as video teleconferencing or visual collaboration. Users require a computer, web cam, microphone, and a broadband connection to participate in videoconference. They can generate natural conversations by seeing and hearing each other.

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